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26th June 2011

I started working on the doors and did my first welding... I allready had a welder and decided it was time to start using it. It is not a super job but it will be good enough for this car I think. I stripped all the paint and put a rattle can primer on them.

So now I have 1 door that is done, 1 that still needs some welding and 2 that I have not worked on yet. The doors will need some work to get them straight...but that is for later.

I had been looking for wheels for some time, but money is tight at the moment so I kept my eyes open. Last week I saw a set of wheels that would fit the Nova, I liked the model (just what I was looking for) and they had tires on them that hold air. They do have some damage and oxidation under the clearcoat and need work to be nice again but it doesnt matter for me. Best of all they were really, really CHEAP!! I did have to drive over 500km to get them...but the deal was so good it didn't matter.

This sunday (26th June 2011) I went to the garage with my son Lars to mount the wheels. When I first tried to mount the adapters I found the center hole was about 0.2mm too small.....a little sanding did the trick and they fit. I did not put the front brakes on yet, I just want to keep it a roller for now.

I am very happy with how they look under the car, just like what I imagined. Fit is great, tires are a bit small but I will need new ones later anyways so that is no problem. Ground clearance is great as it sits stock....but I will probably lower it a bit so it will look better. I will not go too low this time because it will be a daily driver when finished so I do not want to slow down too much for speed bumps.

That's it for update will take some time cause I need to do some small stuff on the Camaro and the holidays are coming up also.



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