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starting again

October 2010, end of the seazon, time to wrench.

The Camaro motor has completely been rebuild now which has cost me a lot of time and money. Now I can only do stuff that cost is none left for now :-(
Luckily there are a lot of things to be done on the Nova which I can do now.

The headlight bezels didn't look too good so I started by trying to get most of the dents out. With hammers, chizels, screwdrivers, wood and metal strips I tapped just as long as needed to get the dents as flat as possible. After that I used my DA sander to take off the anodising and get the surface real smooth. Then a quick polishing job made them shiny again, I am really pleased with how they look now.

I started the disassembly of the radiator support last monday evening and today (saturday 02-10-2010) I went to the garage with Lars. I told him I wanted to do some work on the Nova and he wanted to come along. So I gave him some tools and let him help me....actually we worked pretty fast together. In under 2 hours we took out the old radiator support, put in the new, mounted the headlights (mud) buckets, mounted the fenders and the fill plate above the bumper. Since I bought the car in pieces I am missing a lot of nuts and bolts. Luckily I saved everything that came from the Camaro (replaced with stainless) so I have some spare stuff laying about. I want to put everything together to get a good picture of what is missing and to make sure everthing fits together. Lars told me he would like to help more often, so maybe this will become a "father-son" project?
Anyways, we made some good progress and it looks like a car again (for now).

I hope I do some work again soon and then an update will follow as usual.



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