My Camaro

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October 2009, Fuel system and 100% Tuning.

As mentioned earlier I started on mounting the fuel set-up and had my friend Michel (Underground Custom) make a bracket to mount the pump to the tank. It works like a charm! There is not much room to mount it since I have the muffler hanging behind the rear axle but I managed to find a good spot. Due to the rubber anti-vibration mounts it is hardly noticable when running. This is very good since these pumps are known for making a lot of noise. The system is still not completely finished but getting there, I should be able to complete it this winter.

Along with 3 others I was invited to show my car on the 100% Tuning show in Rotterdam Ahoy. This is a show for tuning and stereo, mostly non American cars. Due to the fact of the rising popularity of the Pro-Touring cars (see Fast and the Furious 4) the show organisation wanted some cars to represent this. Dave (Firebird) was the only one on the whole show that was there last year and was asked again! Harry just finished his Mustang in time and all Peet (Plymouth GTX) had to do was clean his car. We had a great weekend and got a lot of attention with our cars.



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