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Status June 2006

A lot of new parts came in and I got some more work done on the motor. I painted the block and heads gloss black. At first I wanted to paint it in a colour matching the powder coated stuff but it would mean a lot of extra work that can hardly be seen anyways. Now I could just brush it on since I used 2k gloss black brake caliper paint. It is easy to apply (no masking and overspray!) and heat resistant. The exhaust is just test fitted in the pics since I couldn't wait to see how they would look mounted. As you might understand I am very happy with them! These are Ceramic coated Patriot Clipster headers and will give me more ground clearance than the full length headers I had before.

More parts are bolted to the motor allready but I haven't had time to make pics yet. I believe this detailing will make the car stand out but it takes a lot of work! All parts are mounted using stainless steel socket head cap screws (allen head). I bought a bolts set for the motor which is okay for a standard motor and accessoires but of course my parts are not standard and I need some bolts that are not in this set. After making an inventory of what I was missing I looked for a place to buy it. It is possible but not easy to find stainless steel fasteners (UNC size, metric is easy) here in The Netherlands. I also like to buy online since it saves me tons of time traveling to shops for sometimes small parts. After some searching I found South Coast Stainless and they are specialised in stainless steel fasteners. They have a great assortment and can polish each part to a show finish!

The big empty space that will house the big small block once it is finished..... (and only after this has been detailed too)

I told about the interior sound deadening before but only managed to make some pics recently. That's it for month I will make a new update.



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