My Camaro

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Status May 2006

I started taking the motor apart to clean it up. It runs great but I want it to look great too. I had the intake manifold, valve covers and alternator housing powder coated in a gun metal and the clear. After disassembly I sanded the alternator housing so the outside is smooth and no more casting flash can be seen. It came out as I wanted, looks great, easy to clean and durable. The blasting and coating was done by Renoblast Coatings and they are specialised in wheels, car and bike parts. The choice of coatings is overwhelming, from normal "RAL" colors to metallics, black chrome and even chrome...I would swear it was real chrome, it looks that real!! At the moment they are making a dust free coating room for it since it takes good preparation to get it to look this good. So for the Dutch readers I can highly recommend them!

Haven't had time to work in the garage again but I will start thourougly cleaning the coated parts before re-assembly since the were blasted and I do not want any foreign materials in my motor. After the cleaning I can start rebuilding the motor and bolt all parts to it. I have ordered a mini starter and ceramic coated headers along with some other stuff that will make this motor a real eye catcher.



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