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Status April 2006

A small part can sometimes cause a big job. I bought my Zoops aluminum correct allign brackets for the airco pump, steering pump and alternator second hand from a guy who had blown up his engine and was changing to a LS1 motor. Since I now have my new motor I started testfitting everything before coating/polishing. Most parts are okay, I just need some extra fasteners (bought a polished stainless steel allen/socket head bolt kit) and gaskets. When I tried to install the alternator I noticed the bracket didn't fit. It appears the bracket will fit both the SI10 and SI12 alternator and not mine. After some searching I found out mine is the CS130 type. This alternator is a newer design and capable of much higher output then the old "SI" style alternators. Mine is a 160Amp version but even in stock form they will deliver 105Amps. It will probably put out around a 100Amps at idle!! That is more then most alternators do at their peak.

The trouble is that the outside dimensions are different which will probably not be a problem on the stock steel alternator bracket but it is on mine. I made a template for a new bracket from cardboard and got it right after a few times. I bought a piece of 10mm thick stock bar aluminum and traced the cardboard template with a waterproof marker onto it. After this I mounted my jigsaw upside down in my workmate and cut out the rough shape. Then a lot of filing, grinding and sanding until it was a good fit and smooth enough to polish it. I spent something like 5 hours for just 1 bracket....this is how things sometimes go when building a car.

The valve covers, intake manifold and generator casing will probably be powdercoated for a durable and easy to clean finish. I am thinking of a dark grey or gun metal like color so the aluminum and chrome pieces will stand out more. It is middle of April 2006 now and finally it is getting a bit warmer and the days are getting longer. Until now it has been really cold so I couldn't proceed with applying the sound deadener. It will not stick and is real hard to form when it is cold. I have no power in my garage but I do have a small generator for (light) power tools or a small electric oil filled radiator heater I have. Before applying the deadener mat I place it on the heater so it becomes pliable and sticky. Actually it takes a lot of time and money for something you will not even see once the car is finished........ I hope it is actually as good as people say it is and will indeed give a more quiet ride (and better sounding stereo as a bonus). I am still not finished with applying the sound deadener but I made good progress.



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