My Camaro

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Status November 2005

The interior has been taken out completely and the floor has been cleaned. Next step will be the installation of "Brown Bread" by B-Quiet . It will limit the roadnoise, give the car a more solid "feel" and improve the sound and performance of the stereo.

A complete new wiring will be installed complete with extra circuits and modernised fuse box. I allready made the wiring for the doors so that's good and will stay as it is. The plugs in the floor have been re-installed and where needed I applied new seam sealer.

Rear left wheelwell after scraping off 35 years of dirt.

....and the right side.... As you can see the body is in great condition! I will have to do some more cleaning before it's ready for coating, but the real dirty work has been done for the wheelwells.

My car made it in the KR8 (Dutch US car magazine) again... A nice article in the "garage scene" section this time.

I added this pic just because I liked it.... Hopefully I can get some work done soon and come with another update.



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