My Camaro

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Status September 2005 part 2

I had some time last week so I spend another afternoon in the garage. The original airco is completely removed along with the dash, center console and some wiring.

Lars (now 4 years 8 months) likes to come with me to the garage, today he was playing with the engine stand and I try to teach him someting each time he is there.

I didn't have the oppertunity to spend time in the garage today so I worked on my dash at home. After some measuring I cut a new hole, added the vacuum/boost gauge and wired it. I took some pics of the wiring since I didn't do that the first time. Since the first rebuild I drove 9240 miles (approx. 14.750km) most of it was in the year I used it daily.

Didn't think I would have an update this soon....but I like it. As usual updates will follow when progress has been made.



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