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Feels like it will take ages......

Summer 2005 allready.....just picked up from where I left. I have been gathering parts the last months and have decided it's time to do some work again. As all of you out there know working on a project can be low priority compared to the family. Since my daughter was born august 2004 our lives became very busey again....well...that's life.

I had the last bit of machining done to my new brakes and I will be able to assemble them soon so they will be a 1 day bolt-on job. While I ordered a book from Detroit Speed and Engineering I got me some T-shirts and tie rod connectors, these are way better then the stock clamp types.

I took apart my Holley 600DP (4779-6), cleaned it and modified it for blow-through use. All info can be found through . Specially the forum is a very good place for info! With a special thanks to: Andrew Slater from Hangar18 Fabrication/SWT Racing!!

I got my wastegate and blow-off valve from ebay, brand is XS power. I know some people think it's junk...but for as far as I can tell it looks okay and it's new for a decent price! The wastegate is a 46mm unit and the BOV is a 50mm one, both have springs installed for 8PSI (about 0,6Bar). This should be plenty on my engine (or even too much??)

A guy I met through my other hobby (Tamiya RC cars) works as a lasercutter....and since I can draw in ACAD I drew some flanges I need to make the install possible. I had the flanges cut out of 10mm stainless steel...that should do it. Thanks Wijnand!

So far for this way overdue update ;-)



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