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The new project phase has started.

Well, just after X-mas 2004 I started preparing for some bodywork that I want done. I will have some small custom tricks applied to get a bit different look and some damages need to be repaired. After the bodywork is done I will paint the inside of the bodypanels with POR15 to protect it and prevent rust. I removed the bumpers, the RS parking/indicator lights and the doorpanel so the places that need work will be accessible. The bumper bolts will be removed so the bumpers will be totally smooth. The body panels (except for the front lower valence) will be welded together to make the body smoother. These are relatively small changes but in my opinion will give a better look.

It had allready been 6 months since I drove it last.... I had to get motivated again before I started. There is no point in working on your car if you don't feel like it, it will not give the same results.

The starter motor still turned over (Optima!) but there wasn't enough power to start it. So I rolled it out the garage, hooked up jumper cables to my wifes Mitsubishi and tried to start. ................................................................ and it didn't. I now had a problem. The road in front of the garage has a slope and the garage floor is 2cm higher then the road. I was alone, normal work day so no-one I could call to lend a hand and I could not leave the car on the road. So I had no choice but to push it back inside by myself. I got a wood block to put behind the wheel to prevent the car from rolling back and started to push. When I finally got it in front of the garage there was still the 2cm ridge to come across. It doesn't sound like much... but if you try to push your car over it (while on a slope) 2cm is a lot! Using the wheelspoke as a lever I managed to get it back in the garage but it needed a serious power explosion. After it my muscles have been aching for 3 days......

So I learned another lesson...if it doesn't start leave it where it is and charge the battery first. After charging the battery it started without any problem.

The Camaro is with Mike again now for the work mentioned above. When he is finished I can start with the "real" work! The whole car will be repainted, but only once I am finished with the mechanical work.

I sold the BBS wheels since I was not happy with the way they fit... With the adapters the wheels were too far out for me, I like my wheels inside the wheelwells so they do not rub. I could have enlarged the center holes but then the front axle would stick through the wheel and I don't want that. Also clearance for the C5 front brakes might be a problem.... I used the template from to check but I found it to be tight. Great guys by the way and a great source if you want to do a C5 brake conversion!

If you have some time left (like a few days!!) this is a nice page to view and read about the online build of a 33 Hot Rod. It is an amazing machine and a great site with loads of handy info.



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