My Camaro

page 11

At the painter (3)

Ready for filler primer.

Completely blocksanded and ready for etch primer.

Etch primer being sprayed, I was actually there when he did it.

Now it was time for the primer. It's amazing to see the car change before your eyes. Now the surface becomes one color and because the paint was wet I could see how smooth the car is. This was a real "happy" moment!

The basecoat and clearcoat are on, it looks great! Looks like Mike is also happy with this job.....

Once the paint was hard enough it was polished.

Now I just have to put everything back on the car, well that's what I thought. While doing this I found out that it is still a lot of work. I installed the spoiler, the lights, the new door/trunk rubbers and a new trunk lock. It is starting to look like a real car now. I ordered new parking lights (the ones between the headlights) because the old ones were too far gone. They would not do justice to the new paintjob. I ran into a small problem with the solenoids that open the door. The kit I ordered had the 15lbs solenoids and when I tried them on a spare door they worked. With the door in the first lock (door doesn't open but is not completely closed) it works. BUT...... with the door fully closed the solenoid wasn't strong enough anymore. I should have ordered the kit with the 35lbs solenoids the first time, I thought I didn't need them and that I would save some $$. Off course now I have to spend extra $$ to fix the problem. I left the door poppers out for now since the new rubbers allready throw the door open a bit. By the time the rubbers seat properly I will install them. The power window mechanism is installed and I made a wiring loom for it complete with relays and switches. With the shaved doors you need to think of ways to open your door in case something fails:

1) I made a switch in the trunk to operate the drivers door solenoid in case the remote battery is dead. 2) I used an extra channel to lower the drivers side window in case the solenoid fails. 3) I will put a start help (sort of battery) in the trunk to use in case the battery is dead.



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