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March 2012

With the parts I got from Ebaymotors were some steering components from a 63-up Nova.... these are better then the 62 only model so I decided to upgrade. I did not have the 63-up centerlink but got one through Steve's Nova site forum, thank Don for a great deal! I have cleaned the some of the parts and gave them a quick coat of black paint. Also a proportioning/combination valve came with it which I cleaned and mounted to the new master cylinder. The 67 (only) steering box I will probably not use since I would have to alter my steering column so I think I will keep the original box.

Some pics of the rear axle laying loose under the rear of the car.

Lars and I continued on the front end disassembly. I had to buy a set of external spring compressors to remove the springs, luckily these were cheap. To remove the ball joints and tie rods I had to give the parts a serious beating with some hammers but I got everything out without damage. There is less mounted to the body each time I leave the garage so we are making good progress.

I continued on the kick panels and finished them! The gap between the door post and the panel had to be filled so I put some tape on the door post so the bondo would not stick, used fiber reinforced bondo on the back of the panel and screwed it into place. After the bondo cured I could easily remove the panel. Then I used normal bondo to make the panels smoother before covering them. Since I still had some black leather I used that. Be aware that if your panel is not smooth it will show....even worse when using vinyl. Applied contact glue to the panel and the leather and stuck it on. I needed to make cuts because in one area I had an excess of leather, the cuts will not be visible once the panels are mounted. The panels came out okay, not perfect but good enough for the Nova.

Cleaned up the wiring that goes under the hood, still need to find connectors for the front parking lamps/indicators. I will need to modify it a bit later but I can do that once everything is back together again.

The thermostat housing got some paint after I cleaned it.

Just some shots of the garage.

That's it for now.



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