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Status August/September 2008, it's a winner!

First some pics of the new cooling fans and modified exhaust as described earlier:

I went to the APOW show in Antwerp, Belgium together with my friend Cliff (the super clean 68 Firebird) which was roughly a 100 miles trip one way. This was the first big trip since it's "finished" so a good test for all systems. The fuel consumption at around 65~70mph for 80miles came to 12.95mpg (1l/5,5km). When I go faster or play a bit more it quickly goes up to 7mpg (1l/3,3km). I topped out at 130mph, this is when my converter/vaporizer could not give enough gas anymore.... I should put in a second one to get max power but I think it is fine for now. Before this trip it ran bad, missing 1 cylinder which turned out to be a spark plug wire that had come in contact with the header and melted. Since I had to order new wires I decided to put on a new rotor/cap and spark plugs too. When changing the rotor I found out it had the wrong one in it. Now I have the proper one for use with vacuum advance (which has a wider tip) and the difference was noticable. The plugs I use now are NGK Irridium tip, which are the most expensive but since LPG needs a good spark it's worth it. We had a good time at the show with around 2500 vehicles there. There were 20 trophies for different classes and I won "best 70's" (actually the Camaro) and it made me feel real good. It is nice when all the hard work is appreciated in this way.

One of the few things left to do was get the rear seat re-upholsterd. Next to the paintshop is an upholstry shop, INSA run by Alex. Just like Customike I've known Alex for a while now who's a nice guy who knows what he's doing.

INSA autobeklederij
Grevelingstraat 71
2161WE Lisse

I wanted him to cover it in black leather in a somewhat more modern design that would go with the front seats. As you can see in the pics he succeeded and I am very pleased with the work he did.



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