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LPG or Propane conversion

Since fuel is very expensive in The Netherlands I changed to LPG (or Propane) because I wanted to use the Camaro as a daily driver. The price of LPG is about 1/3rd of normal fuel. On normal fuel consumption was 1 liter every 4,5km or 10.6mpg. Normally fuel consumption on LPG would be more, but in my case it is actually less! I think the carb was running a bit rich. Now it does 1 liter LPG on every 5km or 11.8mpg. I must say I like driving/accellerating fast, so maybe these numbers may seem high to some people..... Probably with "normal" (slow) driving and a very well set carb you could get 1 liter to 6.5km or 15mpg.

This is the filler cap which is located behind the license plate so it is not visible normally.

The LPG tank in the trunk is a 60 liter one and can be filled to a maximum of 80%.

This is the fuel solenoid which shuts off the supply when running on LPG.

The vapourizer is mounted on the passenger side inner fender. The engine coolant is used to heat the liguid LPG and transform it to gas. Two feed lines bring gas to the mixer.

The mixer is mounted on top of the carb inside the air filter. When running on LPG the carb only functions as a throttle body.

I still need to clean under the hood and paint the inner fenders. These things seem less important now it's a daily driver.

Lars is now just over 2,5 years old and can't wait to take a drive in the Camaro. When we are driving he allways wants me to push the loud pedal :-)



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