My Camaro

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New wheels and interior nearly finished!

I made new doorpanels from 4mm MDF board and my brother put padding and new vinyl on. I just used the original doorpanels as a template. I got a tip from a friend for a console ash tray on ebay and I bought it. Now the interior is complete and nearly finished.

As you can see the speakers are nicely covered with speaker cloth.

I put on my new wheels: OZ racing type Saturn 2 17x8,5J ET 18 (I have to check!!). I will try to measure the backspacing soon and check the exact ET value! Willem (my mothers husband) made new center rings for my new wheels to get a perfect fit. On my 130mph testdrive last night it was perfect, no vibrations (only good ones.....)!!

Soon I will bring the Camaro to the painter to get the dent in my door fixed. There was a big storm a couple of months ago and a trash bin was blown all accross the road and missed a lot of cars except mine :-( I still have to put on the rear window moulding and fix some other stuff. Once I will get more done I will make a new update.



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