My Camaro

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Still in the States

I bought my 1971 Chevrolet Camaro RS in September '98 from a company that imported it from Los Angeles CA. It has a 350 engine with headers, Weiand manifold and a Holley 4 barrel carb and a TH350 transmission. Before the car was ready to go on the road a lot of small things needed to be fixed. I replaced the starter motor, battery, spark plugs and ignition wires. The mufflers were two "turbo" types connected to the headers with flanges. I had them replaced with the Flowmaster dual 2,5" system with the muffler hanging behind the rear axle. The leaky steering pump was repaired and a normal chrome air filter added. A few things were wrong in the wiring so I had to repair it so the wipers and ignition switch would work. In January '99 I got the Dutch license plates on it, so I could drive it for the first time. Then I really knew I made the right decision! This car is the car for me.

In The Netherlands, in front of my house

I am buying lots of parts at the moment so when I start taking it apart I can replace them without having to wait for a long time for the parts to arrive from the USA. I took out the windshield and the backlite and repaired the area around the backlite. A new windshield and the old backlite were glued back in. The car will be painted silver grey (Alfa Romeo color) so I already painted the area that will be covered by the window moldings so it will have paint everywhere. I put in a new padded dash and covered the instrument housing with carbon foil. I sprayed all plastic parts with bumper spray because it gives a normal plastic look and is easy to apply. The Sony headunit is in place and sends its signals to two amplifiers. A Clarion 2x80 Watts amp is for a Pioneer system with two 10" woofers, two 5" mids and two 2" tweeters. For these speakers I made a package shelf from a 9mm MDF board. I covered the board wth speaker cloth and attached it to the metal underneath. (which of course needed to be cut to put the large speakers in) The second amplifier is a Pioneer 2x130 Watts that is bridged to feed the Pioneer subwooferbox. It sounds really good but I shouldn't play it to loud or I'll be deff in no time...

At the moment it is in a friends garage where I will take it apart and later prepare it for the painter. I now know the power of rear wheel drive, I smashed a fender.

I have already bought loads of parts so I don't have to stop once I start rebuilding it. Here's a list:

1" lowering coil springs

New leafsprings

KYB Gas-a-Just shocks

All new steering components, Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings and 1 1/4" sway bar

Stainless Steel Brakes rear disc brake conversion

Autometer gauges Phantom

3 3/8" speedo 160mhp, 3 3/8" tacho 10.000rpm, 2 1/16" fuel , volt, oil pressure and water temperature meter.

Soffseal rubbers and window felts

HEI distributor

Holley 4160 vacuum secondaries 600cfm

Holley 110gph mechanical fuel pump

2.73 Posi limited slip rear

2 new fenders

A new RS endura grille piece

Electric windows

Remote door locks


Scuff plates

I probably forgot a few things, but as you can see I've got a lot of work to do. First my wife and I will go to the states for a 3 week holiday (parts hunt). After that I plan to work on the car.


You can reach me by e-mail at: pro-touring @ hotmail .com