Playing with my GSXR1100W

5.43Mb, 3min.13seconds

This is why I have a Chevy....


1.35Mb, 28seconds

1st gen/2nd gen dragrace at Moroso Motorsports Park

2.18Mb, 14seconds

'70 RS Camaro dragrace at Moroso Motorsports Park

2.22Mb, 14seconds

Police Camaro night burnout at Moroso Motorsports Park

3.09Mb, 20seconds

Viper driveby

2.07Mb, 13seconds

Summit Mustang

3.33Mb, 22seconds

June 2003, on our way to the Saturday Night Cruise......

Nice weather, windows down, cruisin' together with my friend Ron in his '79.

4.00Mb, 1min.34seconds

September 2003, KR8 Minitour......

3.8Mb, 2min.28seconds

Cruise Brothers' Saturday Night Cruise (2003) in the Hague, The Netherlands.

1.4Mb, 2min.26seconds

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