Camaro's in The Netherlands

1969 RS/SS Convertible



Hans's '71SS

Rene's '67 454 Pro-Touring

Martin & Annet's '71SS

Sander's '79 Z28

Roy's '71

Erwin's '89

My friend Ron's '79

Ron ownes this '79 for 12 years already. He drives it all across Europe for the holidays. He was in Italy last year and drove to Spain this year. Thats about 2000km or 1250miles one way!

Cliff's '70

nice before and after pics...

Hans's '69

Aad's '70RS

Peter's '72SS

nice before and after for Peter's website

Rene's '72

24 year old Marian's '82

W.A. Barendse's '70RS

W.A. Barendse ownes this '70 for 5 years now and it's a daily driver. The engine runs on propane (cheap and readily available here).

Parcival's '70RS

It's got my old wheels.....

Robert's '67 now being restored

(these are the before pics)

Tiel's '70

Tiel has made some changes and I think it looks even better now! (last pic)

Tamara's '74

It's an original L6

Ist's Camaro

Rob's '69 Pro-Touring Camaro

He bought it in 2000 and restored it. Motor is a 350 ZZ4 with center-bolt aluminum Air Flow Research heads and TPIS Mini-Ram injection. It has Poly bushings throughout...the suspension will be modded in the future.

Franky's '70 Camaro

Franky is building it dragracer style.

Alain's '69RS Camaro

Alain races his in the Streetmachine class and did a 13,10 @ 162 km/h. He got it in 1999 when it was imported from Connecticut. It has a 327ci with all kinds of goodies, TH350 with Transgo recalibration kit, 10" 3500 stall , 12 bolt Posi with 3,08:1 gear, 26-9,5-15 Hoosier E.T. Drags.

Click any of the pics to visit his website....

Tjesse's Camaro

Tjesse restored it and he also has a Vette!

Robert Noorlander's interior

He redid this interior himself.

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